CEOs to CIOs: We Need the iPad! | CIO – Blogs and Discussion

CEOs to CIOs: We Need the iPad! | CIO – Blogs and Discussion

I think this is how I got my iPad. 🙂
Actually, the conversation was very similar between our CIO and our group. How do we go paperless in a hospital? My first impression of the iPad is that is a “consumer” device; in that it was best used to consume content not necessarily produce it. On the other hand, it may be that I was just prejudiced against the product as I didn’t have one in my hands. Now that I have it, I’m finding there are a number of useful applications and accessories that are meant to be used in producing content.
Of special note; The ZaggMate bluetooth keyboard has been very useful. It is a handy case of matching aluminum and a bluetooth keyboard. Very simple to set up and use. The keyboard is a little cramped for touch typing, but I’ve worked with worse layouts on netbooks. The iPad can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position with a small stand to hold it up. The vertical or portait position doesn’t seem to be supported very well, so I expect most people will use it in landscape or horizontally. Another concern of mine is the backstand. It is made of plastic and I’m hoping it will not break.

We introduced it to our CIO and it appears to be a hit. It will be part of the standard order for our executives.

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