Day one with the iPad

Ok, So maybe it isn’t really day one, but it is the first day of the new blog about my adventures. I did the usual things with the iPad, unboxed it, synchronized it to iTunes, oohed and aahed over the video screen, and loaded Angry Birds. I’ve got to have something useful to do with it right?

Actually, I bought and  downloaded a bunch of applications to my iPad that I think will be helpful in doing my job. I got most of my ideas for these apps from Greg Ferro. They are GoodReader, iThoughtsHD, Mental HD, Notes Plus and Evernote. I’ve also loaded the Kindle Reader, the Citrix Receiver and Twitter.

I also bought iThoughts for the iPhone by mistake. This is today’s lesson: when looking for applications make sure that you are buying the ones that are native to the iPad. While the iPhone apps will work on the iPad, they are sized for the iPhone screen.

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